What types of female vaginas do you know?

We need to talk about female vaginas. You might think it’s not important but it is. The reason is a when you watch a female vagina in porn videos; you get a feeling that when you date a girl, her vagina will be the same. Most men and women think that all vaginas are the same. But, that is not the case and you have to understand that. Different women will have different types of vaginas which you may not understand by looking at vagina images.

At times, this can cause a problem subconsciously leading to a bad relationship between you and your partner. You should know about the vagina properly. It can also help in giving your partner the best orgasm she would ever have. That is why knowing about the different types of vaginas will help you a long way in making your partner happy in bed during sex. So, it is important for you to realize that pussy photos will not tell you about the entire structure of the vagina.

You won’t see this but different pornstars in the industry have different vaginas. But, you will find it hard to figure out only through pussy images that you see on porn sites. The porn industry projects vaginas in a very different way than you would see in real life. If you look at the real vagina photos, you could get a sense of what you can get down there. So, wondering what type of vaginas women can have? Here are some of the very prominent types.

Uneven inner lips.

In this type of vagina, you will notice that one of the inner lips is bigger and longer than the other. The labia minora or inner lips can be asymmetrical at times and there is no abnormality with this type of vagina.

Vagina. Magica Escort

Curved outer lips.

At times, the outer lips of the pussy or the labia majora meet with each other towards the end evenly giving the vagina a look of a horseshoe. This can also expose the inner lips of the pussy. And, in the inner lips sometimes can also extend outside of the outer lips.

Vagina. Magica Escort

Visible inner lips.

Sometimes, you will notice that the inner lips of the vagina are just peeking out from the outer lips making it very much visible. Now, the length of the inner lips will vary from one girl to another girl. But, this type of vagina also exists.

Vagina. Magica Escort

Visible outer lips.

Now, just the opposite of the type of vagina where the inner lips are barely visible, in this type of vagina, you will notice that the outer lips play a more prominent role and therefore, they cover the entire inner lips of the vagina making them almost invisible.

Vagina. Magica Escort

Longer inner lips.

In this type of vagina, you will see a longer version of the inner lips and therefore, at times, they could be visible from beneath the underwear. They will go past the outer lips and become visible because of their longer length.

Vagina. Magica Escort

Longer outer lips.

You will find that in some types of vaginas, the outer lips out length the inner lips easily and they also dangle down there. It ensures there is a gap between the two outer lips that expose the inner lips a little.

Vagina. Magica Escort

Small outer lips.

You will notice that these types of vaginas will rest flat on the pubic bone and therefore, you will be able to see the labia minora or the inner lips of the vagina very clearly. It is a very common type of vagina.

Closed outer lips.

This is the type of vagina you will commonly see in porn videos. But, this type of vagina is the least common in most girls. In this type of vagina, the outer lips form a closed shape which will not allow you to get a glimpse of the inner lips.

Final thoughts:

Finally, there are also many other types vaginas that you can learn about. But, the most important thing that you need to understand is how you can make your partner happy in bed. Once you understand that, the shape of her vagina will not matter at all.


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